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What’s so different when it comes to hosting wordpress?

Well, the wordpress interface requires a lot from the server – and not just bandwidth.

WordPress makes the user’s life a lot easier by eliminating as much of the upload/install steps that would require FTP and a certain knowledge of server-side language. To eliminate those processes, WP needs authorization from the user to perform the upload/install from their dashboard.

This procedure, that sounds simple, means that your hosting company needs to give you authority over your own files.

I know it sounds crazy, and it is – some hosting companies keep users’ files mixed in shared storages that WP will not touch until a serious server reconfiguration is performed.

You’d never have to worry about this in a good hosting company like Hostgator ¬†- but imagine having a blog that you can’t change the template, install a plugin, or even update versions! It totally sucks – and that’s another reason why we love Hostgator.

How Can Hostgator Help Me With WordPress?

It all starts with how you install WP. From their homepage, you can download the application, but what do you do with it?

To make everybody’s lives easier, Hostgator’s cPanel comes with Fantastico Deluxe, a really easy to use application that installs wordpress in any domain that you own.

The full tutorial on how to install wordpress using Fantastico is available for free.

Basically, when looking for a host for your wordpress ¬†blog, you’ll want one that supports PHP 5.0, ASP, and that has unlimited bandwidth.

Even the most basic hostgator hosting package offers all those features,so you’re absolutely safe with those guys.

Sign up now and use coupon code “wordpress” to get your first month for $0.01!

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