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WebHosting For Small Business – Hostgator saves you money!

I just got off the phone with a small business owner that had his website shut down by his own webdesigner. As absurd as this may seem, the story is not unusual amongst offline entrepreneurs:

They pay a bunch of money for the design and then the webdesigner sticks a small “maintenance fee” on them that includes web hosting. This gentleman that was on the phone with me had been paying $35/month for over 5 years!

What really kills me is that the maintenance fee didnt include anything – He told me that once he wanted to change the pictures on the site, and the guy sent him an extra bill for $150.

Small business owner, take charge of your hosting!

Let me make something extremely clear to everybody  - as I explained on this post (stuff to want on a hosting) and then discussed on the unlimited bandwidth hosting post – small businesses dont need to pay a ton of money for hosting.

What you need is a reliable, efficient, and secure hosting like Hostgator – one that has free 24 hours customer support and that will fix any problems WITHOUT extra charges.

Wanna know what happened to this friend of mine?

I told him to get his FTP info from the webdesigner, get an account with Hostgator, and use their FREE DOMAIN TRANSFER SERVICE to get his websites up.

Now – he’s going to pay less than $100 PER YEAR, instead of the $420 he was paying. How does that sound?

Sign up for Hostgator today – and start saving money immediately!

(use coupon code “wordpress” to get your first month for $0.01!)

4 thoughts on “WebHosting For Small Business – Hostgator saves you money!

  1. It is promising indeed, Anastasiya. Way too many business owners fall prey to web designers trying to make an extra buck with their maintenance fees. I’m glad you stopped by, let me know if I can help you with anything!

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