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A true story of Hostgator’s support effectiveness (hacked wordpress)

Hackers attacked my wordpress sites - Hostgator saved them all
Hackers attacked my wordpress sites - Hostgator saved them all

About a month ago, several of the domains on my primary Hostgator account suddenly went blank.

On my primary account, there are several client’s pages that run on PPC traffic, so even a single hour that the pages are down means a lot of $$ down the drain.

I honestly dont know how long they were down before one of my clients called me asking what was up with the blank page – but I – freaking out – immediately started a live support chat on Hostgator.

Of course, when something like this happens, my first instinct is to punch somebody – it’s like when you’re trying to get something done over the phone with At&t – but the support agent was right on the money.

My Super Hosting Save

When I told the agent that several of my sites were down, he quickly browsed over them and sent me a couple of lines of PHP code that he thought looked weird.

To me, it looked even WEIRDER because I dont use PHP (except when hosting wordpress) and when  I told him, he quickly identified signs of an invasion.

Yeah, it sounds unreal, but hackers do attack us.

As I started freaking out, my agent logged in to cPanel and started to remove alien .PHP files that were placed throughout my sites.

Honestly, I have no idea how it happened – but within less than 15 min, he had it all taken care of for me. He instructed me to change all my FTP passwords and cPanel, and gave me the special email address for the Hostgator security team.

After he fixed everything, the security team went in and double checked my account, worked their magic, and recommended I upgraded my wordpress suites.

At the end of the day, the entire process took less 1/2 hour!

That’s how effective the Gators are!

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