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$100 Off Hostgator Windows Dedicated Servers [LIMITED]

There comes a time when a shared hosting account is just not enough to fulfill your growing business hosting needs. Quite often, despite the huge benefits of an unlimited bandwidth hosting package, you need to run a script that involves user uploads or complex email usage.

The added layer of security, the faster page load, and an entirely new set of possibilities are often enough to justify getting a dedicated server. But in this case, hostgator wants to sweeten the deal by giving you $100 off a powerful Windows Dedicated Server.

Immediate Benefits of a Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

A server running on Windows provides complete support for Microsoft based web development tools like FrontPage. Yeah, sometimes these tools are somewhat outdated, but Windows is an absolute requirement for a ton of modern development tools. Processing information becomes very easy if you're planning to use Microsoft's service platform SharePoint.

Windows dedicated servers provide support for MS Access, Microsoft Visual Basic and MS SQL software applications. A built-in support is provided for the databases through Microsoft Access and is fundamental when dealing with .NET applications. Additional support is offered for the .NET technologies that are widely used for software framework development. Oracle's technology is largely based on .NET and it powers serious software such as APEX.

Hostgator's Deal

These servers represent a new investment by Hostgator, as they've always been known for their market share in Linux. As such, they're brand spanking new, with some of the most powerful features you will need:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • The easy to use Parallels Plesk Control Panel
  • Free SmarterMail professional mail server (this is enterprise level service)
  • Real human hosting support 24/7/365

With this deal, your windows server's first month begins at $74. $74 for the 1st month on an Intel Xeon Quad-Core with 10 Terabytes of bandwidth is a phenomenal deal.

Enough Hard Drive To Host A Shared Drive

Even on the entry level server, you're looking at 500gb of hard drive space. That means your company is able to set up individual FTP accounts for vendors, projects, and even internal backup, depending on your consumption levels.

Secure Yours Here

If you're looking to make the jump and need a company that is always there for you, and has years of solid reputation, this $100 offer is the icing on a tasty windows cake. The comments are yours to share how does it taste. What exactly are you looking to build on this server? We're curious.